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St. Benedict's Catholic Church ♦ 307 W Main St, Decorah, IA 52101 View Map

P: 563-382-9631 | F: 563-382-6436 | | | Contact: Bonnie Arneson
St. Benedict's Catholic Church

We welcome you to St. Benedict Catholic Parish. We hope you find warmth and hospitality here.

As you browse through our website, you will become more familiar with what St. Benedict's has to offer. As you become more acquainted with us, you may find an area in which to share time and talent with us.

The success of our parish depends on the work and cooperation of all of us. Decorah is a growing community and so are we. St. Benedict's  is presently serving over 1,000 families.

As a community, we would like to rejoice with you in times of joy, and sympathize with you in times of sorrow. We would like to be your center of worship and we hope you will find it nourishing and enriching, both spiritually and emotionally.