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"Your best friends are people who support you and nudge you to be your best. You can count on them for solid advice. As a member, you can count Akimboo in as part of your personal team of health supporters and friends. Akimboo is designed to help integrate wellness into your day. We hold you accountable, forgive you when you slip, and cheer when you are doing well.

"After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I started looking for sensible advice and support for living a healthier life. I was disappointed every time I looked for alternative healing to find unsubstantiated advice being touted online. And while I appreciate the benefits of western medicine, I was looking for strategies to prevent major illness, not treat it. Akimboo developed out of my love for the medium of video and a desire to create a resource of healthy best practices, some of them centuries old, to integrate into daily life.

"Akimboo is founded on three principles: Movement, Mind-Body Connection, and Personal Purpose. Sign up for daily tips and friendly nudges to take care of yourself. Daily tips will support your quest for mindfulness, recommend ways to incorporate healthy behaviors, and encourage you to live a rich and balanced life.